2000 One Dollar Coins

I have decided not to re-number the encyclopedia at this time, but be aware that this piece does exist and is very rare. Unfortunately, I just learned that the new die has the wide rim but the same beautiful deep relief. And the person who owns, or in the process of owning the house is … the one that can ask for an equity loan. It was only produced for three short months from October to the end of the year.


For the record, we pay the current spot price for non-proof American Silver Eagles. Each one dollar coin has the following text: Fine Silver One Dollar The design is fairly simple. The front or obverse of the coin shows a woman with the sun behind her.

The back, which is also called the reverse, pictures an eagle, shield, and 13 stars. Be sure to check and see if you have a proof American Silver Eagle.

A proof coin has a P mint mark under the left side of the eagle. This is the original one ounce silver piece that was struck at the Royal Hawaiian Mint when the idea of the Liberty Dollar was first conceived. I have decided not to re-number the encyclopedia at this time, but be aware that this piece does exist and is very rare.

One can be seen here;. According to the certificate, Bernard von NotHaus submitted this obverse design to the US treasury for consideration for the new dollar design. These are photos of the only one of these I have ever seen. It was bought by the original owner at the Royal Hawaiian Mint in I was contacted by him in and he informed me he had it and might be interested in selling it.

I secured it in February for a private collector who finally offered enough to make the sale happen. The air-tite capsule that contained this piece had never been opened since the piece was placed in it until I took these photos.

It is stunningly perfect. The original reverse was short lived 3 months because people did not understand the symbols and it was feared this would affect acceptance. This is not an error. The original obverse die was deliberately used with the new reverse for a short period probably one piece run until the new obverse die was ready. This is the common year piece.

Many thousands were made. Mintage of this piece is unknown but at least minimum mint run. It was created when the new reverse was mated with the unchanged obverse die, which was not yet worn out. I have never seen one and used the obverse photo and the block date reverse photo to create this representation. The easiest way to tell this piece from the 5 is by the hair lock where it approaches the 'T' in trust.

The lock touches the T near the ceenter on 5, but is further left and does not quite touch on 3. There was probably only one run of pieces. These pieces were surprisingly hard to find and commanded significant. They can now be had. Mintage is unknown, but it is at least and.

This is the first of four obverse die strikes. All bore the same reverse. Mintage on this one is unknown, probably many thousands. Click this link for a page on how to tell. You can easily see the rough edge in the center of the neck just above the 'S' in USA by zooming this photo. It is not there on 9. This is another example of don't be distracted by the record high prices. This record sale was for a scratched up piece. Who knows what drives some bidders.

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