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Sound Recorder - MP3 Recorder. Sonarca Sound Recorder XiFi is a studio quality sound recorder designed for low-latency, high-fidelity, crystal clear sound recording.

This means you get the best of both worlds: NET rapid application development, without sacrificing performance or compatibility. We originally developed StockChartX because we could not find a financial charting component robust enough to meet the requirements of our clients. It seemed that all stock chart libraries out there were developed by The reality is that charting component companies seem to know very little, if anything, about finance.

Their financial charting libraries are normally bundled with other standard charting components: The majority of charting products out there produce financial charts which are inadequate because their financial charting interfaces were designed as an afterthought.

So, in , we decided to build our own financial charting component to meet our clients' needs. Now 15 years later, StockChartX is the preferred stock charting component of developers and traders around the world.

Features We asked more than 1, traders which charting features and technical indicators they wanted in StockChartX. Technical Indicators StockChartX also features over 80 popular technical indicators which can be customized with user-defined parameters. Ongoing Development Sure, StockChartX has been around for 15 years, but our star products are never phased out. Designed for use with C , VB. Real-time automatic technical analysis updating. New Trend Line Penetration events notify your application whenever a series crosses above or below a trend line.

Trend lines can automatically extend into the future. StockChartX uses double buffering - this means you will see absolutely no screen flickering. An unlimited number of series can be displayed in just one chart. Data can be imported into StockChartX from any database, text file format, or real-time feed. Windowing system allows users to resize, change positions up or down, maximize, minimize, restore, and close chart windows. Chart windows are fully customizable programmatically.

Change height, colors, styles and more from within your code. StockChartX manipulates screen graphics quickly and efficiently without a 3rd party graphics engine. It's the fastest stock chart control available.

Share your thoughts with other customers You might be also interested in the following items: This unique software automatically sequences employee clocking In and Out.

With a Site License, you can download multiple unlimited c Schedule by clicking and dragging your mouse, then email your Employee Scheduling Assistant 2. In addition, Administrator rights are no longer required to run the application as was the case w My Cart Log In Register.

Quality Scheduling Software since Scheduling Employees for Windows. Share your thoughts with other customers. You might be also interested in the following items: Love it Have been using this for years! This is what the internet use to be like in the early days, simple and incredibly useful! Thanks for all the hard work to the developers.

Please keep it up! Network Meter I was forced to find a network meter after moving in with a couple with limited bandwidth. I was really shocked to see how much bandwidth is being used when no programs are active.

I am upgrading the network meter and donating for such a wonderful tool. Network Meter One day i wanted to keep an eye on my network, so i went to the net to find a way to do just that. Well i found Garbage everywhere. Then i stumbled on Network Meter read about it an tried it out. I have never turned back and have never thought i needed something better.

This piece of Pure Genius innovation does about everything you need to monitor your network. The person who made this top Quality workmanship need to be given their due. Its simple yet extremely effective and it does not impact your system like any other Copy cats. Cheers to the developer I was glad to help you out and send you a donation to help forward the development, so please help this developer out and just donate anything to help out.

I do request you to add the option to be able to monitor multi IP on the network and give separate stats like how much BW the ip's use. Thank you again for your great work and i tell everyone about your programs and how great they are. Can we help you out by linking from our site to yours.

Pranab Das Aug 5: As a retired Tier 1 network designer and troubleshooter the meter 'Speed' name should be 'Throughput'. As it includes Traffic the results of this Ping test is a measure of the most you may actually get for your traffic. Carriers, like mine, do significant DPI traffic slow down of large files. Which I frequently circumvent On the very positive side, on a TM blog I directed many of my pro peers to the meters and they were astounded.

I use it to enlighten them to several not so obvious network traffic situations. The main concept is that the traffic generated by PCs are a series of impulses small parts of a second , not steady streams. On the Data Usage Charts one should be able to display it on a fixed time scale. I see AVG is now sponsoring most of these add gadgets.

I'd Keep this guy on payroll AVG. I've been using them since before MS windows took them off their desktop gadget options BIG mistake on Microsofts part.

Helps me keep on all my network activity and other functions, alerting when something is going on that shouldn't Example: I can easily see that its working overtime when it shouldn't be. Ever think of going Cellular? I give them six out of 5 stars!!

E-mail report If there was some way to have an e-mail report sent to me, I could give this to my ISP and show them how crapy there service is. When you get disconnected 3 to 6 times a day, it would be nice to slap them with something in writing. I like this version it is very detailed and I thank you. WaaWaa Waa Jun 2: Jim I think you should try this version 9.

Regarding the Refresh Net and Refresh Ext. IP buttons, I agree with Jim. They were useful and should be brought back. The new feature, sound alert, is what I've always wanted. In fact, I came across this version just as I was about to contact the website to request a sound alert feature.

Now it is quite difficult to come up with any ideas for improving the gadget further. IP buttons back on, they were very useful and necessary when troubleshooting.

Other than that, this is a very superb gadget. I use it to enlighten them to several. Network meter Review Find the network meter helpfully, love the flexibility of the it the most.

I am controlling the meter not the other way around meaning i give the parameters in witch i am comfortable with. It also helps to diagnose my lan speed..

Cant live without it Its a very useful tool and cant live without it. I can monitor the bandwidth, the network usage and much more. Exceptional I have been using this gadget from the start and it has been a wondeful help. I just dialed the new version and am looking forward to checking out this one. Exceptional Used since vers 4. Using on Win now. Hope you find a way to continue on Win 8. Would be willing to buy license if you had to sell to continue development.

Thanks for maintaining this. Allan Welson Mar AddGadgets - High Quality Software! Congratulations to this high quality work!

I love this gadget and the others CPU, GPU, Battery and Clock , because let me quickly informed and without consuming large system resources; usually have one or more of these installed in PCs that i use. Greek guy Mar 3: Useful more than hundret of silly things on my desktop,respect and many thanks. Muzaffar Husain Mar 9: I'll keep on using it, thanks! Clean, simple interface, and at the same time providing all the necessary info.

Michael Carr Mar 6: Network Meter Brilliant, you know when to stop downloading if you have a fixed monthly ammount, also it is good to know both IP Addresses, most people don't, Runs fine no issues. Useful Gadget This Network Meter really a great help I'll keep on using it, thanks. Great I have been using the meter to monitor when I lose connection because the ISP here is so spotty that at times i do not get full download speeds, and when the connection returns I do not get the correct connection speeds at the modem.

It helps me keep an eye on my monthly download limits as well as providing details about the download speed in real time. I keep it "Always on Top" when surfing but don't know why sometimes it goes in the back ground. Consistently Awesome A constantly updated gadget that works amazingly and looks great too. Works in windows 8 with a little effort, and I truly appreciate this software, especially for free.

Ed Buckley 9-Mar Neat Gadget Handy gadget for determining data usage and dowload status and speeds. One of only 2 gadgets I keep on the desktop. Amazing It's a great gadget,i use it because my limit is only 15gb and i like the remaining per day! Jarn Larsen 6-Mar 6: I'm using the gadget on All my Pc's. Because I Like to keep an eye on my Network traffic. I have some PC only access via teamviewer, and then is it nive to see how "communication" is ruing.

And it will tell a lot about my Netcard. Kori Ward 6-Mar 2: Great gadget Very useful, thanks for the effort to improve. Amazing This is the one must have tool running on the desktop. These Gadgets are the best Gadgets I found.