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Glück Games (part of Lottoland) make HTML5-based, online instant win, instant lotto and interactive scratchcard products for lottery Head of Product at GiG Games .

As a medical physician with a degree in business, Susanne has been working for over 15 years in the healthcare and the pharmaceutical industries in various roles.

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C3 Metrics provides an easy to use solution that accurately enumerates the true ROI of every dollar spent in every channel. Can You Trust This? VP of Analytics explaining how his own pessimism and ‘prove it’ mentality led his team to save over $,/yr with attribution.

Discuss details of product details which OEM partner wants to develop product based on Glueck technology. After product development, sign up support agreement. These solutions normally solve a problem of customer which is unique for that specific customer.

Solution partners develop solutions for these local problems in the region. Glueck helps them to do so. Sign up NDA and Solution partnership agreement Initial for one year and then renewed every three years 3. Share Glueck solutions with your customer. Do partner training in every three months Webinar.

We are a collective group of people with passion, energy and focus. We are a high technology company bringing businesses and innovative emotion analysis technologies together.

We have the best talent in the world, that is headed by experienced team leaders that have decades of experience and real world knowledge. Our staff are dedicated professionals in their fields and work diligently to bring you the very best products for your business.

Access partner only resources for training, marketing, sales and technical support. Receive new product announcements before products are launched. Sign up NDA 2. About Us We are a collective group of people with passion, energy and focus. Products Glueck Analytics Technology. Zhou also is a visiting professor teaching Master Degree Program in International He is responsible for Eutilex pipeline development, global regulatory approval and global marketing and Piers subsequently held several increasingly senior roles Mario Bertazzoli is a physician and a registered specialist in Human Reproduction Pathology.

He received both medical and specialization degrees from the University of Milan, Italy and worked as physician at the Obstetric and Gynaecological Department, University of Milan, and for the Italian Jia was the first in Canada and the first few scientists in Dr Kopsidas has over 18 years experience in protein and antibody drug engineering, 5 years in the fields of molecular ageing and mitochondrial diseases where he held a position on the editorial board for the Bio-Gerontology Journal, and over 10 years elucidating the mechanisms of DNA repair.

Antonio Bertoletti, MD is an expert in the field of viral hepatitis. He began working in viral hepatitis as a medical student at the University of Parma Italy. There was no cure for SMA which is the No. There was no giving up, and Edmund desires to give his family every chance to live an Mr Fazli is an experienced, knowledgeable and resourceful healthcare professional with 20 years of management experience and proven track records in a number of well-established, internationally accredited healthcare settings.

He has been an influential healthcare leader in driving changes and Financially independent since age 13 , Wharton graduate , lived and worked in the US, China and Singapore, plus extensive operating and investment experience in Europe. Transformed Esco into a global life science and medical equipment manufacturer and solutions provider, growing Life sciences and digital health investor with systems-based perspective presently preparing for launch of inaugural fund.

Prior to this led life sciences and digital health practice for Oliver Wyman in Asia, co-founded medical device company in real-time brain imaging, and worked at a Charles has over 20 years of experience in healthcare working as a provider, entrepreneur and investor. He now leverages this breadth of experience in leading Accera in the fight against Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases.

Prior to joining Accera, Charles was with Inventages, a global Li has over 20 years of biopharmaceutical industrial experience and 4 years of clinical experience. Li founded his first biotech company specializing in vaccine development, where he served as the QA director of Fosun Kite Biotechnology.

Experienced in technology transfer project management, biological medicine registration, biopharmaceutical plant design and qualification. Familiar with manufacturing process and quality control of The company manufactures, distributes, and sales pharmaceutical products, as well as medical devices, medical foods and cosmetics in South Korea and Southeast With over a decade of experience, Yongho oversees the project management activities related to various clinical trials, epidemiology and pharmaco-epidemiology She has more than 8 years drug registration, regulatory affair and project management experience, in charge of registration of chemical drugs, traditional Chinese medicines and biologics.

Crystal Sun joined Fosun Hsiao-Hui Tsou Sophie received her Ph. She was reappointment to be an In her role in the institution, she leads a team that is responsible for ensuring proper oversight of research quality, integrity and compliance. She has more than 20 years of Dr Tan is the founding director of Northeast Medical Group.

After graduating from University of Melbourne in , he obtained postgraduate qualifications in Dermatology, Occupational Medicine and in Public Health.

Alongside clinical work, he oversees a group of medical clinics, a specialist centre Prior to that, Dr. Cao was VP of Global Business She is a passionate visionary, futurist, innovator and thought leader working towards changing Salahuddin was born in chaipainawabganj, Bangladesh on 1st June, He worked about four years in Pharmaceuticals Industry and joined in Directorate General of Drug Administration on March 27, as Superintendent of Nathanael has been the founder and CEO of Alodokter since Nathanael is a seasoned tech and healthcare entrepreneur in emerging markets.

He was part of the core teams that started Lazada in Vietnam and Indonesia. He also lead the launch of innovative pharma market research in several African P of Global Medical Affairs, at Celgene Corporation since October , and a medical oncologist with focus on breast cancer. He has overseen breast, ovarian, pancreatic and bladder cancer activities worldwide, as well as the Immuno-Oncology Program in solid Yuliana currently serves as the President Director of PT Kalbe Genexine Biologics that focusing in product acquisition of early phase , clinical trial design, technology transfer in manufacturing, quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

Prior to the current position, she held various position CStone Pharmaceuticals is a Chinese biotech company focused on addressing the most important patient needs in China and beyond. With immuno-oncology as CStone's core therapeutic focus, the company strives to lead Lee has been involved in the global commercialization and Located in the newly opened - June - Tokyo Headquarters, Philippe leads the regional and cross-functional medical team dedicated to specialty medicines.

For years, Takeda Pharmaceuticals has put the patient at the center of its priorities and philosophy. In his current role, Philippe daily Hands on cross functional experience and demonstrated A serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley who successfully grew and sold his previous two ventures to Nokia and Citrix. With more than 10 years of experience in clinical research at academia, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, Pei Yin is currently heading the Asia Clinical Operations Group based in the Singapore regional office within Eisai, a global pharmaceutical company.

Since joining the company, she has