Online Banking System

Online Examination Application Srs Documentation in asp. This Project investigates the entry threshold for providing a new transaction service channel via the real options approach, where the entry threshold is established by using an Internet banking system designed for the use of normal users individuals , Industrialists, Entrepreneurs, Educational Institutions Financial sections , Organizations and Academicians under transaction rate uncertainty.

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Net Medical Store System Project. Customer must have a valid User Id and password to login to the system If a wrong password is given thrice in succession, that account will be locked and the customer will not be able to use it. When an invalid password is entered a warning is given to the user that his account is going to get locked. After the valid user logs in he is shown the list of accounts he has with the bank. On selecting the desired account he is taken to a page which shows the present balance in that particular account number.

A report can also be taken of this. User can make a funds transfer to another account in the same bank. User is provided with a transaction password which is different from the login password. User can transfer funds from his account to any other account with this bank. If the transaction is successful a notification should appear to the customer, in case it is unsuccessful, a proper message should be given to the customer as to why it failed. He can also take print out of the same.

Generate reports at every section Administrator can take a back up of the database for every instance that is happening, periodically.