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Online — Kostenlos — Unabhängig. Die Prognose-Umfrage ist ein Sentiment-Indikator , das kurz- und mittelfristige Kurserwartungen von führenden Marktexperten darstellt. All risks, losses and costs associated with investing, including total loss of principal, are your responsibility. Red-violet on multicolor underprint. Throughout the years, the Zambian currency suffered high rates of inflation forcing the Bank of Zambia to introduce high value denominations in , including 20, and 50, kwacha bills to facilitate transactions.

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Southern lechwe in the Kafue Flats. Farmer plowing field with tractor. Another two farmers plowing the same field with four oxen. Mining tower at the center, and conveyor belt on the left.

Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River at center. National Assembly building in Lusaka at center. In , a second emission of the Zambian kwacha was issued. Initially, the emission comprised the same five banknotes of the first emission, and all five denominations bore the signatures of Dr Justin B.

Zulu, Mr Valentine S. Musakanya, and that of Mr Bitwell R. Kuwani, the second, third, and forth governors of the Bank of Zambia, respectively, except for the 50 ngwee bills that never existed with Dr Zulu's signature, as well as the 1 kwacha bills that never showed Mr Kuwani's signature. During the second emission period, a commemorative banknote of 1 kwacha was issued in celebration of the declaration of One-party state on December 13, The banknote was not a legal tender, and had a different frame design than the banknotes of both, the first and second issues.

Later on in , the Bank of Zambia issued the 5 kwacha banknote for the first time. A red-violet on multicolour underprint design was chosen for the new bill note. The new design resulted in a lot of confusion between the existing 50 ngwee bill and the new 5 kwacha one. This urged the Bank of Zambia to adopt a new design for the 50 ngwee banknotes in A new black and lilac on multicolor underprint was used for easy recognition, nevertheless, this was the last issue of the 50 ngwee banknotes as it was replaced later by a coin.

The two new banknotes bore the signature of Mr Bitwell R. Miners in copper mine. Child painting and children in class at center. School on the left. Prior to the third issue, short-lived designs of the obverses of the 10 and 20 kwacha banknotes were introduced. The new designs featured an older portrait of president Kenneth Kaunda, without the usual frame design, and bearing the signature of Mr Bitwell R.

Thanks to their scarcity, both bills are the most expensive banknotes of the Zambian collection among notaphilists. Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River at center.. In , a four bills third issue was issued, in which the old frame design was re-adopted once again. Banknotes with all denominations were reproduced, except for the twenty kwacha bill, which was never issued in spite of being redesigned.

All bills bore the signatures of Mr Luke J. Mwananshiku, the fifth governors of the Bank of Zambia, except for the two kwacha banknotes, which retained the signature of Mr Bitwell R. The third emission banknotes were exactly similar to these of the second emission, except for president Kenneth Kaunda 's portrait, where an older portrait replaced the younger portrait appearing on the first, and second emissions.

Until , all Zambian banknotes featured a portrait of President Kenneth Kaunda on the obverse. After , all notes have instead featured a fish eagle on the obverse. After , all the reverses featured the Chainbreaker statue. In , Zambia became the first African country to issue polymer banknotes. The and kwacha were both printed on polymer. Although the old 20 kwacha note was still in circulation until , such is the rarity of this note that most major retailers rounded prices up to the nearest 50 kwacha when calculating a total.

Most items in major supermarkets were displayed using 20 kwacha in the value e. On January 23, , the Bank of Zambia proposed certain measures in regards of the redenomination of the Zambian Kwacha.

The old currency unit was divided by , hence, removing three zeros from the preexisting K50,, K20,, K10,, K5,, and K1, The lower denominations of K, K, and K50 were also divided by and were changed into the 1 Kwacha, 50, 10, and 5 Ngwee coins respectively.

On the other hand, the preexisting K20 banknote was removed from circulation due to its extremely low purchasing power. The Bank of Zambia announced January 1, as the changeover date.

On the same day, the new redenominated currency became the legal tender of Zambia. After the six-month period, the 'KR' symbol was dropped, and the new currency was referred to by the 'K' symbol. By June 26, , the Bank of Zambia managed to withdraw 3. Although the old currency ceased to be legal tender four days later, the Bank of Zambia Deputy Governor, announced that residents who were still holding to the old currency, especially those living in rural areas, could still be able to exchange the old currency for the new one through commercial banks , and other designated agents.

While being the first African country to introduce polymer banknotes in , the new currency banknotes were all printed on paper , with advanced security features. The six newly issued banknotes share multiple common features on both the obverse and reverse , together with few different features, that are unique for each banknote.

The result is a price corridor, usually enveloping the weekly close price from above and below, and serves as a measure of volatility. Die Prognose-Umfrage ist ein Sentiment-Indikator , das kurz- und mittelfristige Kurserwartungen von führenden Marktexperten darstellt. Unsere einzigartige Prognose-Umfrage bietet Ihnen einen Sentiment-Indikator, der variable Kursniveaus liefert, und nicht nur die Stimmung oder die Positionierung darstellt.

Trader können feststellen, ob es unter den befragten Experten Übereinstimmungen gibt - ob es sich um eine exzessive Sentiment Spekulation handelt die den Markt antreibt - oder ob es abweichende Meinungen gibt. Wenn das Sentiment nicht extrem ist, so bekommen Trader variable Kursziele zum Handeln. Gibt es eine Abweichung zwischen dem aktuellen Marktkurs und dem Wert der prognostizierten Kurses, so ist dies eine Möglichkeit in den Markt einzusteigen.

Sie können das Tool auch für konträres handeln verwenden. Der Sentiment Indikator versetzt Sie in das Lager "konträr" zu denken. Sie können Extreme Sentiment lagen ablesen und so verhindern ein Bestandteil der Herde zu werden. Neben der Tabelle mit individuellen Kursprognosen fasst eine Graphik alle Daten zur Visualisierung zusammen. Wir geben auch die durchschnittliche Kursprognose sowie die durchschnittliche Tendenz an.

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