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University of Hawaii (UH) - School of Travel Industry Management (T.I.M.)

They were presented with a new model for educational collaboration by Singapore to overseas educational hospitality programs. A busy morning continued with a tour of the recently opened approximately US7. Lunch was at alumni Anthony Wong's Alumni Hall of Fame award newest addition of Creative Eateries, 19th restaurant and the 20th soon to come, featuring Taiwanese cuisine. Joining us was alumni Patrick Chia who also graduated in the 70's and currently providing industry consultancy after a long career with Singapore Airlines.

An important meeting with Singapore Tourism Board Capability Division officers challenged the School of Travel Industry Management to re-look existing hospitality curriculums and develop one with an Asian philosophy of hospitality management that attracts Western students as well as Asian students.

Marina Bay Sands has guestrooms in iconic building architecture with a large rooftop structure connecting all three towers that provides several swimming pools, entertainment venues, themed event space, and large rooftop garden with full grown mature trees shading a jogging path looking out to sea and the city of Singapore.

Liu had been an external examiner for their Hospitality degree program students. Their trip to Singapore was warmly received by the graduates who caught up with them, and many took to heart the call, made eloquently by Regent Gee for renewing and maintaining our school relationships in our professional lives. This only adds value to our TIM degrees. We were also pleased with the many new opportunities for increased educational exchanges with Singapore hospitality and tourism programs that are mutually beneficial.

Special appreciation to Tony Chia who consistently and patiently rallies the Singapore alumni to attend our rare events together, and to Anthony Wong for his always generous spirit of venues and wines, and to Richard Ong who was the perfect "host" for our special guests to Singapore.

Tuesday, April 27th from Kuching; Departure: Tuesday, April 27th 1. Cocktail Reception — 6: It is with deep regret and sorrow that we announce the passing away of Mr. Manuel Woo on April 27 after a long illness. He was 81 years old. He was the Executive Director of the Hong Kong Hotels Association for 17 years from to and he will long be remembered for his valuable contributions to the work of the Association and the hotel industry in Hong Kong.

An Organizing Committee that includes the Chairman and Executive Director of the Association will be making his funeral arrangements and an announcement of the details will be made in due course. Woo will be held from 4pm to 10pm; Evening Prayers at 7: The banking details of the Rudy Choy Educational Fund is as follows: The Philippine-born hotelier was the longest serving executive director of the Hong Kong Hotels Association from to For years, he spared no effort to nurture the next generation of the industry, emphasising training and education.

The year-old hotelier died of heart failure on April The eldest of eight brothers and sisters, Woo migrated with his family from Zamboanga City to Hong Kong in He was a merchant seaman in his early twenties before entering the hotel scene. His diligence won him association scholarships to study at both the East-West Centre of the University of Hawaii and at a Cornell University program.

He quickly became part of senior management at various hotel chains such as the Dusit Thani in Bangkok, the Shangri-La in Singapore and the Miramar in Honolulu.

The global network he cultivated contributed to the growth of the hotel and tourism industry in Hong Kong and later created many career and business opportunities in the industry. When he took over the Hotels Association post in , Hong Kong welcomed 2. By , the year he stepped down as executive director, the number of visitors had hit According to hotel consultant Rudolf Greiner, who worked with Woo over two decades, Woo's natural-born professional manner brought Chinese and foreign hoteliers together.

The students, totalling over , were placed in our four and five-star hotels for six-month tailored on-the-job training. He foresaw the need to share the same high Hong Kong standards with our friends in the PRC and many of these students are today senior hotel executives in the PRC. Always on call, he was known for his dedication and commitment to the development of strong education and vocational training programmes. For years, he worked closely with and in support of the polytechnic and numerous other hospitality institutes and vocational training centres.

Hotels Association executive director James Lu Shien-hwai succeeded Woo after having been his deputy for 12 months. In protecting the interests of the association and working on matters of principle, he was firm and uncompromising.

He was deeply passionate about the association and the hotel industry in Hong Kong. He was an excellent communicator and his appointment was a resounding success in all the years that he held the post.

The debonair hotelier also established the Manuel Woo Scholarship to encourage academic and personal excellence among the school's students. He was also instrumental in establishing the Andreas Hofer Scholarship for outstanding students. School director Professor Kaye Chon said: Hawaii Chamber of Commerce , for a term to expire GEE, for a term to expire The votes in HRE were as follows: Senator s Sakamoto, Taniguchi. February 9, 2: VP Position of Starwood Hawaii because they have different culture and cater to different clienteles The students, industry people and alumni were not consulted when UH administration decided to take steps to "terminate" UH TIM School and move it into college of business.

During the legislative hearing, the chair of the UH Board of Regent was informed that while the legislators do not want to interfere with UH operation, the legislative branch has the oversight power to ensure the public interest is being served. HB HD1 is being deferred. What does it mean? We have discussed it with the legislators after the hearing. Through the testimony we also found out through real experience a CBA degree is having difficult time obtaining a job in the hospitality industry.

Phone , Fax Howard H. Tourism school should be separate As a year travel industry executive, including a tenure as president and COO of Hawaiian Airlines and a former Travel Industry Management School advisory board member, I am deeply concerned about the loss of the TIM School's independence. As someone who strongly believes in the need for a premier travel industry school in Hawai'i, I find it extremely disturbing that your editorial staff and the relatively new university administration appear to be rushing to judgment over the future of TIM.

TIM has not only remained a relevant part of the university, the Hawaiian community and the worldwide travel industry, it has actually excelled. Year after year, TIM, its students and faculty are the recipients of numerous academic and industry awards and certifications.

Through those achievements and its innovative programs, TIM has long held a leadership position in the global travel and tourism industry.

Its graduates, students and faculty have not only served as a unique resource in Hawai'i, but are often at the forefront for identifying, addressing and providing innovative solutions for a variety of travel industry issues.

TIM needs to be strengthened, not subjected to the bureaucratic ways of the business school, serving so many different academic disciplines. It is my opinion that a merger as contemplated will diminish the TIM mission and organization, lay aside the almost year history of academic and individual accomplishments, tarnish a hard-earned world-class reputation and quickly lead to the marginalization of what should be the leading travel industry and tourism education and knowledge-creation program in Hawai'i and the Asia-Pacific region.

Zoller has a distinguished and successful passenger, cargo and military aviation career with more than 30 years experience, highlighted by executive and Board of Director positions of increasing scope and responsibility. Zoller's management and consulting work includes service with: Monday February 22 - Honolulu Advertiser Newspaper Editorial TIM School needs independence to succeed - With no cost savings identified, merger doesn't make sense By Juanita Liu The bills in the Legislature that would ensure an independent School of Travel Industry Management at the University of Hawai'i are supported by a wide representation of hundreds of students and alumni, the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii, a number of key industry and business executives, and the governor's tourism liaison.

While House Bill was deferred, the debate is widening. University administrators testified that they are considering merging all schools with fewer than 30 faculty. It is questionable if any meaningful savings would be achieved by merging these schools with larger units. Academic mergers are difficult and costly because of different accrediting bodies, specialized curricula, program requirements and nomenclature of degrees.

When asked what savings would result from merging TIM with the Shidler College of Business, the answer was that the assistant dean position would be eliminated.

This would not save any money since the position is already vacant. Instead, payroll would need to be increased substantially to put TIM faculty on par with Shidler's high salary scale. The TIM School is in the enviable position of having achieved a world-class name brand and a solid student base.

It makes little sense to submerge a highly efficient unit that produces successful alumni without any clear benefits. Cost cutting in the private sector usually involves reducing and consolidating corporate administrative overhead and positions.

A survey of graduating students indicates that 80 percent oppose the merger and 70 percent said they would have gone elsewhere if TIM were under the business school, which is at capacity. It would also be a great loss to the people of Hawai'i and future generations to diminish the instructional mission of any of these professional schools that have served Hawai'i residents so well in providing credible alternatives to an expensive Mainland education.

With the wisdom and support from previous UH administrators and government leaders, these programs at the UH have brought professional degrees within the reach of many local residents, built up our local communities and enabled us to compete abroad. While we are debating the issue, countries in Asia and around the world are investing millions into stand-alone tourism schools and colleges in the field and fast-tracking programs to prepare its citizens for the largest industry in the world.

She wrote this commentary for The Advertiser. Monday February 22 - Honolulu Advertiser Newspaper - Letter to the Editor TIM School - Autonomy needed for best efficiency I am a proud graduate of the University of Hawai'i School of Travel Industry Management and I am a past president, director, treasurer and international chairman of its alumni association, keeping me in close contact with more than 1, alumni.

The autonomy of the school enables it to be one of the most efficient of the schools and colleges that comprise the University of Hawai'i-Manoa. Such autonomy also enables the school to remain competitive with its peer institutions in both the nation and around the world. It has provided quality education, not only for residents, but also students paying higher out-of-state tuition.

As such, it is one of the most cost-effective programs. The TIM School has served the state's largest industry well for a half-century, especially under the leadership of Chuck Gee from the s to He helped shape Hawai'i's travel industry policies in development, marketing and human resources development.

I strongly endorse keeping the TIM School autonomous. Testimony submitted for HB for testimony on Feb 1 http: A big Mahalo for testifying in person Statutorily establishes a School of Travel Industry Management at the University of Hawaii UH at Manoa that is separate and independent of any school or college of business administration established at UH.

Effective January 1, I appreciate the efforts made by the chair and the committee in addressing autonomy of the School of Travel Industry Management. I support HB to establishes a school of travel industry management at the University of Hawaii at Manoa that is separate and independent of any school or college of business administration established by the university. I am writing in support of the school of travel industry management at the University of Hawaii at Manoa remain autonomous from the Schidler college of business administration.

The autonomy of the school of travel industry management enables it to be the most efficient of the schools and colleges that comprise the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Thank you for the opportunity to submit testimony. While every effort will be made to copy, organize, and collate all testimony received, materials received on the day of the hearing or improperly identified or directed to the incorrect office, may be distributed to the Committee after the hearing.

Submit testimony in ONE of the following ways: For comments less than 5 pages in length, transmit to for Oahu or for Neighbor Islanders without a computer to submit testimony through e-mail or the Web ; EMAIL: For comments less than 5 pages in length, transmit to HEDtestimony Capitol. For comments less than 4MB in size, transmit from the Web page at http: Testimony submitted will be placed on the Legislative Web site after the hearing adjourns.

This public posting of testimony on the Web site should be considered when including personal information in your testimony. Prompt requests submitted help to ensure the availability of qualified individuals and appropriate accommodations.

Selected meetings are broadcast live. Check the current legislative broadcast schedule on the "Capitol TV" Web site at www. Please get your computer, fax and email fire up Please book mark this link http: If anyone is interested in submitting testimony, they can follow the instructions and submit it 24 hours prior by paper, fax, email, or web.

The easiest is by web. Testimonies should be kept on file, since it will have to go to other committees if it passes the first one. From that notice, here are the instructions that appear at the bottom of the page: Persons wishing to offer comments should submit testimony at least 24 hours prior to the hearing with a transmittal cover indicating: For comments less than 5 pages in length, transmit to TCItestimony Capitol. The hearing notices themselves are always the best resource to use when submitting testimony.

They will give specific instructions, as this example shows, regarding the process for sending your comments to various committees. The instructions are always at the bottom of the notice. Meanwhile, your input is very important, and I would encourage you to submit your testimony to TCItestimon Capitol. Fax a copy to or email it to jwkc yahoo. This allows the chair and committee members enough time to thoroughly review the testimonies. It will still be considered.

The order of testifiers is based on the order the committee receives written testimonies. Discounted parking is available at Alii Place on Alakea or at any downtown municipal parking lots. If possible, please e-mail me a copy to jwkc yahoo. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at Thank you for your time and support. Together we can make a difference. Honolulu Hawaii Nov 13, http: Ten years ago the matter was thoroughly examined and rejected because it would not serve the needs of the university and the state.

The reasons still hold. More than 50 students met with Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw last month to strongly oppose the merger. They value the relevant TIM curriculum, knowledgeable faculty, personalized student services, internships and the competitive advantage of the TIM Bachelor of Science degree. They believe that a merger will diminish the relevance of their education and the value of their degree. Shidler students also are concerned, since many classes were cut and the rest are full.

TIM students collected more than a dozen letters and signatures against the merger. The students wanted to know why this merger is being proposed when the TIM School is the most efficient unit on campus. It has the smallest budget and lowest instructional costs and the third-highest tuition revenues per student after medicine and law.

It is the only unit on campus that earns more net tuition than is spent on its operational costs. Two decades ago TIM lost half of its students when it was part of the College of Business, which switched to a two-year program. After separating in , TIM restored its four-year program and recruited students through the smooth transfer from the community colleges and feeder Academies of Hospitality and Tourism in six high schools on three islands. Thus, TIM enrollments have more than doubled to students with graduates in — a 60 percent increase from Graduates in TIM normally enjoy percent job placement.

The TIM faculty streamlined the curriculum by eliminating duplication in the basic business core, using its own specialized textbooks and faculty. A merger with Shidler would mean adopting the same core subjects at the expense of courses in service-based industries and other pertinent courses critical for tourism management.

Rather than saving money, merging TIM would be costly since more resources would be needed to comply with additional accreditation and administration. The TIM School enjoys a strong international reputation.

Since the s the TIM School has been one of the eight leading centers worldwide to provide leadership to other educational institutions. More recently it received the Tourism Education Quality Tourism is the world's largest industry.

It is resilient and will rebound. Higher education has an important role in that process. The UH should consider alternatives to a merger in favor of the global trend of establishing separate colleges in the field.

Honolulu Hawaii - Tuesday - January 12 Professor John Cox has been described as "a maverick teacher. He believes that TIM graduates must have the ability to write, speak, reason, and relate to others in a satisfactory manner to hold down a job. Cox refuses to dumb down his classes and he takes a personal responsibility to be sure his graduates are ready to embark on a successful career.

Presentation by Professor Emeritus John Cox http: View all pictures on Facebook http: Saturday 19 December Time: Individual bill settlement please. Please let Tony Chia tonysjchia yahoo. All Alumni are welcome including Malaysia and Hong Kong! Hong Kong SAR - 7: View Video online http: View "more" Pictures online http: This will allow HotelClub to continue its recent efforts in elevating its presence in this part of the world.

HotelClub views Asia as a region of great opportunity as it offers indefinite potential and stability. Unlike other awards where winners are chosen by a panel of judges, the winners of HotelClub Awards Asia are chosen from their average score on an annual online survey conducted in July and past ratings on HotelClub. A total of 52, votes were received, from citizens worldwide e. The eight award categories for HotelClub Awards Asia and its winners are: Consumers are also demanding to voice their opinions, through blogs and forums.

Besides recognising the importance of allowing our customers to share their views, we also understand the power of the consumer — as they ensure the success or failure of a company. Through HotelClub Awards, we hope to better understand the changing needs of consumers when they are looking for travel accommodation.

HotelClub offers over 60, hotel accommodation choices in 6, cities and countries worldwide. Its 6 million consumer ratings and reviews also provide independent advice on each accommodation option. About HotelClub - HotelClub is a global accommodation specialist operating the following websites: HotelClub offers users the choice of over 60, hotels in over countries worldwide.

HotelClub is truly global offering its customers access through country specific websites and it is part of Orbitz Worldwide. Thank you for your leadership in the HK Chapter. Dear VP Palmer, Thank you for the surprise champage for a stylish lady in her fashionable pink hat! I don't mind to come to your hotel every day to get my champagne! I enjoyed your informative talk about The Langham Hotel and Resorts.

Congratulations on all your successful accomplishments. Thank you for all your wonderful arrangements. As CEO, he has brought the chain its healthiest balance sheet and its highest member satisfaction levels. Kong has also helped Best Western achieve a number of notable industry firsts. He distinguished himself in other areas of the company, leading strategic services, operations, marketing and global development departments.

His career includes experience with top hotel brands, including Hyatt Hotels, where he spent nearly 20 years in senior-level positions; Omni International; Regent International; and Hilton Hotels. In , Kong was appointed to the United States Travel and Tourism Advisory Board, a group of industry executives who advise the Secretary of Commerce on travel and tourism issues. Using consumer feedback, the SBCA identifies companies that we believe have demonstrated what makes small businesses a vital part of the American economy.

The selection committee chooses the award winners from nominees based off information taken from monthly surveys administered by the SBCA, a review of consumer rankings, and other consumer reports.

Award winners are a valuable asset to their community and exemplify what makes small businesses great. Joe has been in real estate and the travel industry for over 30 years working from the ground up. Straight out of college Joe started the "first dedicated condominium in the State of Hawaii" in Waikiki.

Maui Destination Marketing to focus on diversification and starting the posturing of a structure to expand his business beyond Papakea where he has maintained real estate and vacation rental clients for the past 20 years.

Congratulations Joe on such a great honor! You are warmly welcome to join us for two days of TIM School events that will feature our wonderful alumni this year. This Legacy luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, October 29, , from You can be sure that it will be a grand time for TIM alumni to get together and celebrate our many successes during almost 50 years of the TIM School.

For more information or if you are interested in attending the Legacy event please go to our school website at www. Reservations are to be booked directly with the hotel, with an e-mail request sent directly to Dean at dean. For more information, you may visit their website www. These events will be followed by the UH Homecoming packed with many activities in November. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Tia at tikeno hawaii.

Liu, PhD Interim Dean. This year, the tradition continues as we honor six more industry pioneers and induct them into the Hall of Fame. Hinshaw believes that TIM will benefit from being part of Shidler because there are over faculty in the school and more business courses are available for the students. However, some TIM students do not agree with this idea. Secondly, the GPA requirement to apply for the program will go up from 2.

HST, Sep 10, In another e-mail yesterday, students and TIM school alumni began a petition drive to stop the merger with the business college.

Gee, who as dean led the effort to make the TIM school independent, said he couldn't comment on the proposal to combine the schools because it may come up before the board. But, Gee said, "at the time we separated, it was in the best interest of both the profession and the industry in the state.

Taipei Taiwan Republic of China - August 17 - 26 About half did not sell; reserves shown in prices realized sheet. Ancient Indigenous Series below and Collections of Articles below. Not a substitute for Gupta-Hardaker. Color plates, but too small to see details. The London reprint is better than later India reprints. Largest museum catalog of punchmarked coins: Punch Marked Coins A. Alphabetical and symbol indexes serve as attribution guides. Author names hand written on spine, otw.

Punchmarked Coinage of the Indian Subcontinent: Greatly expanded 2nd edition with vs. Photos better quality now incorporated in the charts, plus 34 plates of enlargements. Completely rewritten and expanded historical and collector information. Not a catalog; difficult to coordinate text and coin images. The Ghaghara - Gandak River Region: Archaic Silver punchmared coins c. Plates on good paper in hc edition; Sample pages. Good reprint of a substantial early work on karshapana. Plates are slightly better in the original than the reprint.

The real strength is in the Ujjain, Eran, Kausambi and related, with more such than any other reference, and many unpublished types; English text, no values. Catalog types, p; Vol II: Plates Good quality and useful 98pl; Vol IV: Closeup drawings 47plates of line drawings of legends, special marks, etc. Said to be difficult to use as a collector tool.

OP, very difficult to find. A more compact and up-to-date Altekar. Plates fair emphasize gold. Asian symbolic coinage, Ivotchinka on Chinese paper. Several long chapters on coins, incl.

Said to be the latest and best on Kushan coinage. A chapter on coinage. Coinage of Ancient India Indian Mus. Well indexed, with catalog 's. Still a widely used work on early India. Surprisingly good plates, though printed in India.

Catalogue of Indian Coins in the British Museum: Analysis of Reasonings in Archaeology: Important work for this series. History, metrology, design analysis, legends, monograms, forgeries, useful appendices. Somewhat obsolete now, but a decent catalog of types, and perhaps still in print inexpensively in India. M 's are widely used and this is still an important reference.

Later works expand upon and reattribute certain series: Plates far better than any reprint. Indo-Scythian Coins and History: Argument for a new chronology of kings. Collections of Articles below. Indian types, decent plates show types. Establishes a new chronology for these Punjabi rulers. Essays on coins as tools for historical study, exchange systems of early India, Gupta culture as deduced from coins.

Well indexed, no plates. Dynastic tables, historical background. Rendering in original script with translation for most coins. The India section alone is worth the price. Important listings of S. The many variants catalogued indicate multiple mints. Available from this European publisher. Punchmark-style gold "padmatanka" of various rulers. First of the small "kasu" types.

Includes catalog, but more informational. Tattered original soft covers rebound on card stock. Includes color map which my original hc does not have. English language, illos, good photo illustrations on coated stock. Historical outlines by dynasty. Each variety illustrated with a clear drawing; enlarged color plates. The first serious work on this difficult series.

Detailed, critical review by S. Vijayanagar, Nayakas, Mysore, etc. Studies in South Indian Coins Vols. Catalogue of Vijayanagar Coins in the Madras Govt. A thorough and attractively presented work on this limited series of gold fannams and Pagodas.

Hardcover version not available in India. Indian dynasty AD and catalogue of gold coins. WKCD is currently being developed into a world-class integrated arts and cultural district comprising local, traditional as well as international elements.

Since then, large-scale exhibitions have been organised by LCSD museums in collaboration with the Palace Museum every year. These exhibitions have been well received by members of the public as they offer a glimpse of the valuable collections of the Palace Museum and its fascinating history.

The museum will have a site footprint of around 10, square metres and an approximate construction floor area of 30, square metres. Major facilities will include exhibition galleries, activity rooms, a lecture theatre, souvenir shop and restaurant.

Part of the gallery space will be used for permanent exhibitions to showcase relics on imperial life, as well as the history and culture of the Palace Museum. Other galleries will focus on its collections such as paintings and calligraphy, ceramics as well as other arts and cultural artefacts. In addition to the two thematic exhibition galleries, a gallery will be dedicated to feature collections from Hong Kong collectors. A wholly-owned subsidiary company under the WKCDA is to be set up to oversee the construction, management and day-to-day operation of the museum.

The Palace Museum will provide, on a long-term loan basis, collections for display in the Hong Kong Palace Museum and provide expert advice and assistance on museum design or curatorial matters where necessary.

Rocco Yim, head of architectural practice Rocco Design Architects which has been involved in many major projects in Hong Kong and the Mainland, has been appointed as design consultant. The final design for the museum was unveiled in October It was originally used as an army married quarters. From to it was used as a rehabilitation hostel for psychiatric patients. It was the largest built market in the New Territories at that time and sold daily necessities such as vegetables and fish.

It was an outpost and operational base of the Hong Kong Police Force to keep watch on illegal immigrants. It was originally a private residence. The Revitalisation Scheme aims to preserve government-owned historic buildings and put them into innovative use as well as promote active public participation in conservation of historic buildings and create job opportunities. One of the key selection criteria in the Revitalisation Scheme is public access to and enjoyment of historic buildings.

Applicants are encouraged to open the whole or part of the historic building to the public for their appreciation on, on the premise that the social enterprise operation therein is not affected.

The 15 projects selected under the first four batches of the Revitalisation Scheme are at different stages of development and eight projects have commenced operation. The Development Bureau anticipates that the revitalisation works of three projects will be completed in , and another four are expected to be completed between and The Centre will also run courses and programmes to promote traditional Hakka culture, and will house a Fire Dragon-themed restaurant to promote Hakka food culture.

Pokfulam Farm will present the history of the Old Dairy Farm and display some of its artifacts and utensils, and there will be workshops for visitors to experience how dairy products are made.

Visitors will also be able to join guided tours, workshops and activities to learn more about the culture of Pokfulam village and the surrounding area. The Institute will provide education programmes on biodiversity for the local community and will also have an agricultural corner modelled on the local rural ecological environment with the aim of helping to promote sustainable farming.

The revitalisation projects will create about full-time jobs during the renovation period, and around 50 or more full-time or part-time jobs upon commissioning.

The projects are expected to be completed and come into operation in The Government launched the Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme in to invite proposals to revitalise selected government-owned buildings in the form of social enterprises. For further details of the scheme see;. After the Government introduced new legislation to extend the civil jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and the District Court to the rapidly growing and developing New Territories it was the first magistracy to be set up in the New Territories and served the Northern District.

There were also inadequate interview rooms in the custodial area for litigants to discuss their cases with their legal representatives. The Former Magistracy was considered unsuitable to meet its needs and a new, more spacious magistracy building was completed in Since then, the Former Fanling Magistracy has been closed and left vacant apart from being rented out on short-term tenancy for film shooting.

The project is expected to be completed in The two-storey wet market at 2 Bridges Street, Sheung Wan was built in and covers a site area of about square-metres with a floor area of about square-metres.

It will become a media museum operated by the Journalism Education Foundation. The museum, which will be known as the Hong Kong News-Expo will promote liberal arts education, including media education groups, experimental studios and workshops.

It will also allow visitors to practice being a news anchor on camera and will display the history of local newspapers which date back to the 's. The museum will also have facilities for media professionals to liase and exchange ideas. Admission will be free. The project, which was announced in March , follows public consultations initiated by the Drainage Services Department in and and consultations with Wong Tai Sin District Council and related organisations regarding the construction design, beautification works and conservation.

The existing nullah is 2. The nullah is one of the major flood relief drainage channels in East Kowloon area. The project will be undertaken in three stages. The works are scheduled for completion in The project will improve the river's drainage capacity through deepening the river, constructing underground box culverts, and relocating water mains and sewers. Also, the leisure space and landscape beautification facilities will be upgraded, turning the river into an attractive green river corridor.

Historic monuments along the river will be preserved. Improvement works for the mid- and lower-stream sections of the river will begin in In July tenders were invited for reconstruction and rehabilitation of a metre stretch of the river from Tung Kwong Road to Prince Edward Road East with work scheduled to commence in December with completion in June The whole project is expected to be completed in In August a design competition was launched by the government's Civil Engineering and Development Department for ideas to transform eight hectares of open space along a 1km stretch of the river into a green corridor leading to a harbourfront promenade.

A panel of seven judges assessed the entries, with the winners being considered for the final blueprint. The design suggests the old airport runway tip be broken up into three islands with parks, a cycle track, swimming pool, hotel, tourist centre and festival stage with smaller floating islands on the water between Kwun Tong Promenade and the runway with mini golf course, fishing dock, seafood restaurant and pet garden.

Full details of the competition and winning entries are available on the competition website;. The new river corridor is intended to become a must-see leisure attraction, offering another venue for recreation, entertainment, education, community art creation and more.

The improved river is projected to be a unique urban landscape axis merging the surrounding old districts with new developments in the Kai Tak Development Area.

The riverbed has been deepened and the banks have "beautified" with draping plants such as great bougainvillea, submerged mangrove plants and with boulders. The capacity for processing floodwater is more than double that before the work began. There is no riverside path, however, as floodwater can reach a height of one metre is under eight minutes. For more information see; http: Haw Par Mansion was considered the finest of the three homes.

Aw died in and in his heir, former newspaper tycoon Sally Aw Sian, sold the entire site to Cheung Kong Holdings Ltd for property development. The garden closed to the public in and was subsequently demolished in and is now the site of a luxury apartment development, The Legend. However, as part of the agreement with Cheung Kong, the mansion survived and was passed to the government with that part of the redevelopment is be preserved for cultural and community use. Corner "turret" of dining room and entrance and steps to private garden.

The mansion will become "Haw Par Music Farm", a music school operated by a charity foundation. There will be free public tours of the main lobby and garden when it opens in late or early The design is roughly symmetrical with the adoption of porches, bay windows and fireplaces. Internally there are beautiful painted glass windows from Italy, carvings and mouldings gilded with gold, and murals of Indian and Burmese influence. The Mansion is basically a reinforced concrete frame structure with external and internal walls of red brickwork, the majority of which are Shanghai rendering, apart from some granite-faced materials around the main entrance.

It has a central fountain, free-form rock garden, pavilion and corner tower with spiral staircase leading to the public access road below. Stained glass moon window in the ground floor sitting room will be preserved The Mansion has been vacant for many years and the government failed to find a use for the building although there were several proposals including converting it into a wine centre, a banqueting venue and a restaurant.

During October and November a number of public open-days were held at which public opinion was invited as to the future use of the Mansion. The music centre will have 16 rooms for solo or ensemble music training and a private garden overlooking the harbour will be open to the public.. The tender invitation process was launched in January but only one bid was received which did not meet some of the mandatory tender requirements.

In May , the Development Bureau initiated a second round of tendering, on the same basis as the original tender invitation but again only one bid was received, believed to be from an organisation intending to promote Chinese culture, which also did not meet the tender requirements.

It will be a music school, providing the public with cheaper music lessons and will collaborate with the Chinese Orchestra to create a music course with Chinese and Western music characteristics. The main lobby and the garden will be preserved for free public tours. Central Market before commencement of the preservation project The market was constructed in in Streamline Moderne style as the Canton Bazaar and its design was based on London County Council by-laws of It replaced previous markets dating back to and and at one time was largest meat market in Southeast Asia.

The market which is located between Queens Road Central and Des Voeux Road Central is a 15, square metre four-storey concrete building and incorporates a walkway corridor leading to the Central - Mid-Levels Escalators.

Around half the space being occupied by shops and a courtyard, restaurants and rooftop garden will be included in the redevelopment. The building was repainted externally in early reflecting the theme of the plans to create a "Green Oasis" before being again redecorated externally in late see below An advisory committee, Central Oasis Advisory Committee, has been formed and met for the first time in December under the chairmanship of David Lung Ping-yee, a retired professor of architecture.

The committee comprises district councillors, professionals and conservationists and will initiate a public consultation on operation and uses for the market.

The government's Secretary for Development has already indicated that each floor of the market will have a different theme with possible uses being a hour bookshop and arts square on the ground floor, restaurants on the second floor and a gym on the third floor. The first public consulatation was carried out in early , involving some 6, people including tourists, and the overwhelming view was expressed that there is no desire amongst the public for the market to be turned into another high-end shopping mall.

The government has already made a pledge that the revitalisation will result in a "market for the people" and will avoid expensive restaurants and boutiques that have featured in other urban renewal projects and instead will provide affordable dining facilities, open space for general and public workers in Central and quality community facilities.

Plans for the building were lost in the second world war and preliminary results from a structural survey indicate that work will be necessary to bring the building up to current standards. Strengthening work would be needed to support an area of greenery on the buildings and the Urban Renewal Authority has indicated it is prepared for the original budget estimate to be exceeded to achieve the right results.