Understanding Macd (Moving Average Convergence Divergence)

Gerald Appel 6 MACD - How derived? • Calculate a 26 day EMA (of Closing prices). • Calculate a 12 day EMA (of Closing prices). • Subtract the 26 day from the 12 day and plot the difference as the “fast” MACD line. • Calculate a 9 day EMA of the fast MACD line (called the slow “signal” line). Also refer: The TRADERS Journal, Volume 2 Issue 1. 7 MACD - the “fast” line 8 MACD.

Sulthaan Mohideen rated it it was amazing Apr 12, He has been managing discretionary client accounts for more than thirty years. Search Stock Options Made Easy. I was looking for a quality indicator that would be readily interpretable, that would not create so many whipsaws as to be confusing, and that would still be relatively simple to maintain.

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