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This comparison examines the differences between the policies and political positions of the Democratic and Republican parties on major issues such as taxes, the role of government, entitlements (Social Security, Medicare), gun control, immigration, healthcare, abortion, environmental policy and regulation.

Read " The Scope's Trial".

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IQ Percentile and Rarity Chart. These are IQs, their percentiles, and rarity on a 15 SD (e.g. Wechsler) and 16 SD (e.g. Stanford-Binet) scale.

My mother would like to knit this but thinks the english is too complicated. I thought the measurements would be: Must I change the tension? No, you should be fine. The gauge is knitted in stockinette, where the sweater is knitted in the round and with two colours. Hi would this sweater work using Snaeldan 5ply yarn? If so would you use bigger needles and how would you resize it? Or do you have a similar pattern for Snaeldan?

Hi please would you help me. I have read in the english press that the Sirri yarn becomes very loose once washed and so the garment should be knitted smaller than required. Is this true, and if so, what do you advise as a correction? Also is it true that the yarn is very soft? The jumper will fit very tight at first and then become a little looser as you wear it — and wash it. Hi and thank you for this lovely pattern. Am I misunderstanding something?

Grateful for your help. The start and end of the row is under the sleeve and will not show much when you wear the sweater. This is where the chart will not fit perfectly, and this is also where you do the increases on every forth row. Hi Hannah I am almost finished my sweater and wanted to ask what is best to wash the sweater with. Plain warm water or a mild detergent designed for wool? Undskyld mit sene svar.

Jeg er lige kommet hjem fra ferie. Hi, knitting this lovely jumper but am a bit confused with this part: Turn and K back to the second stitch marker again. I would be grateful for your help with this. Uh, I made this pattern in The trick is to get the back of the sweater some cms longer than the front, so you knit a few rows back and forth — only on the back. Your email address will not be published.

Main menu Skip to content. Free pattern for Faroese sweater with raglan sleeves and worked in the round Size: During the s, he had several more Top 40 hits, including 's number 8 " Sweet Pea " number 1 Canada and number 6 " Hooray for Hazel " number 2 Canada. This transatlantic chart-topper sold two million copies by mid-April , giving him his third gold disc award.

Roe guest-starred in an episode of the American sitcom , Green Acres , called "The Four of Spades", which first aired on 8 November , one week to the day before the Hot debut of his final Top 10 single, a track co-written with Freddy Weller , " Jam Up and Jelly Tight ", which became his fourth gold record, peaking at number 8 in the U.

Although his style of music declined in popularity with the s mass market, Roe maintained a following and continued to perform at a variety of concert venues, sometimes with s nostalgia rock and rollers such as Freddy Cannon and Bobby Vee. In , Roe was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, and his pioneering contribution to the genre has been recognized by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Roe's autobiography, originally published in , named From Cabbagetown to Tinseltown and places in between was co-written with Michael Robert Krikorian.

On February 7, , Roe officially announced his retirement on his Facebook page TommyRoeOfficial with this statement: I have so many great memories of the music and of my fans who have supported me through the years.

Fifty five years to be exact. What a gift it has been for me to share this time with you. I hope my music will continue to bring a smile to your hearts and joy to your life.

Relativism became a new term, more 'intellectual' for describing the positive changes needed for evolution of law and society. Absolute values were discarded. Early warning on Pearl Harbor - Admiral Yarnell, in a Naval exercise with the Army, attacked Pearl Harbor with planes about half an hour before dawn on Sunday which caught the defenders completely by surprise. His tactics were published and became known to the Japanese Navy.

Later their son was found murdered not far from their home. From this tragedy, congress passed the "Lindbergh Law" making it a capitol offence in interstate kidnapping. One of these was the AAA Agricultural Adjustment Act This agency sought to increase prices for agricultural products by reducing the supply of food, The Government paid farmers not to plant crops and ranchers to destroy their cattle and Dairy farmers to dump hundreds of thousands of gallons of milk.

Former President Herbert Hoover called it a crime and believed that the New Deal planners were creating this crisis to prolong the depression in order to persuade the American people to accept welfare socialism as a way of life. This type of reasoning will be used later in the area of Gambling and the Lottery, instead of the government being accountable they will lower the morals of country to promote money.

Since the repeal, legalized alcohol has killed more people than all the wars fought in American history several times over.

Read our tract " Alcohol: Public Enemy 1 ". Because of his belief of Evolution, Hitler saw them a parasites that were the cause of many of the social problems that plagued the world. Each time Owens won a Gold Metal, Hitler would go into a fit of rage, saying it was not fair, because of his belief in Darwinian Evolution, Hitler believed Blacks were subhuman animals and should not be allowed to enter the Olympics.

Read about the man who led the attack on Pearl and came under the hands of a Holy and Loving God. Read " The Story of Pearl Harbor ". Jimmy Doolittle, left the carrier Hornet and bombed Tokyo. FDR and his advisors believed that Stalin was a peace loving democratic socialist.

It was not widely known at the time that Stalin had killed more people than Hitler's 6,, In the late 's and early 30's Stalin had killed, imprisoned or tortured more than 10,, Many of these people were Jews and Christians. The operation was the largest single-day amphibious invasion of all time, with over , troops landing on 6 June The landings took place along a stretch of the Normandy coast divided into five sectors: Utah , Omaha , Gold , Juno and Sword.

The Allies plead with the military leaders of Japan for a surrender, but they respond that Japan would rather die. New President Harry Truman makes the decision to use the Atomic Bomb in order to avoid more bloodshed. The US again pleaded with the Japanese military to surrender, but they refused. Three days later the second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.

Two weeks later Japan unconditionally surrenders. He said " The more missionaries we can bring here, and the more occupation troops we can send home the better. General Douglas Macarthur, who had called for a spiritual rebirth of Japan, remained on of the strongest foes of the socialistic ways of the United Nations.

Since it's beginning, many nations have become decidedly anti-American. Something in Paris was getting ready to be unleashed that would have a greater effect than the bomb itself. It was called the Bikini. The Bikini was to be modeled in Paris that same year, but there was a bit of a problem. So, they hired a stripper to model the new design.

Now, the majority of women today have no problem wearing them. For more Information read " Clothing does it matter?

While giving a speech in Missouri, Churchill spoke of an Iron curtain of Communist Slavery that had descended on the peoples of eastern Europe. Though not everyone believed in Christ, most people respected the Biblical teachings of Law, Order, Moral absolutes. People considered the occult, illegal drugs, pornography, homosexuality, and other immorality to be disgraceful.

Most states practiced capital punishment and Abortion was illegal throughout the Nation. False philosophies of the past were starting to take root, that spell certain disaster and turn the direction of our nation into certain spiritual death.

This would be the last generation to enjoy the benefits of the Judeo-Christian ethics as a whole. This came about by the testimony of Wittaker Chambers, a former Communist party member and Soviet spy. Chambers turned against Communism when he realized its true nature. He later explained " The Communist vision is the vision of man without God.

It is the vision of man's mind displacing God as the creative intelligence of the world. The Rosenberg's were convicted of treason by selling vital secrets to the Soviet Union. They were executed in Clauson - In a decision, the Supreme Court permitted the public school students to travel to parochial schools to receive religious education.

The court declared "we are a religious people whose institutions presuppose a Supreme Being. The court concluded the argument for separation of church and state did not apply to student's religious instruction during school hours.

DeMille , create d his most successful film at Paramount, a remake of his film The Ten Commandments. The film was one of the greatest films ever produced, and took Paramount Pictures out of debt and from certain end to one the biggest film companies. Vitale - The case was brought by the families of public school students in New Hyde Park, New York who complained the prayer to "Almighty God" contradicted their religious beliefs.

They were supported by groups opposed to the school prayer including rabbinical organizations, Ethical Culture, and Judaic organizations.

The prayer in question was: Stewart then listed the religious references present at the top of all three branches of the federal government and on American coins, in the National Anthem , in the Pledge of Allegiance , and in one of the court's recent decisions Zorach v.

He argued that neither these examples, nor the voluntary prayer in New York established a religion. Schemp and Murray vs. Curlett - These two cases were the first two to be decided with out the case book method, but were taken from a doctor who was very bitter towards God and said that if portions of the New Testament were read without comment it could caused physiological damage to the student. The only supreme court judge who actually had constitutional law experience decided in keeping the Bible and prayer in the schools.

Most of the supreme court justices that decided against the Bible were Democratic and liberal in thought. After the removing of prayer and Bible reading, our nation plunged into record breaking increases of Divorce, school violence, teenage rapes, pregnancies of girls as young as 10 in the schools.

As if God is letting America know what we are becoming without His influence and protection. The democratically controlled court ruled that the constitution protected the right of privacy. Hugo Black a liberal democrat even argued that the right of privacy is found nowhere in the constitution. The case laid the ground work for Roe vs Wade. Griswold, who was the executive director of Planned Parenthood was arrested for the purpose of testing the law and was found guilty by the courts until it was presented to a democratically controlled Supreme court.

Oshinsky - Freedoms of speech and press are guaranteed to students and teachers—unless the topic is religious, at which time such speech becomes unconstitutional. Lennon's life before and after the statement speaks consistently with a straight forward meaning. He became very anti-Christ in his songs as well as his life. Lennon died by the hands of a madman. He is gone, but Christianity lives on.

The bill was defeated by men such as Al Gore Sr. The result was the court decided reversing the law and eventually bringing the end of Creation being taught. On July 20 , City of Eugene - C ourt ruled unconstitutional for a war memorial to be erected in the shape of a cross. District Court in Texas on behalf of Norma L. McCorvey claimed her pregnancy was the result of rape. Wade is one of the most controversial and politically significant cases in U. The taking of one's life in the womb.

O ne of the dissenting Judges wrote " The Court simply fashions and announces a new constitutional right for pregnant mothers and, with scarcely any reason or authority for its action, invests that right with sufficient substance to override most existing state abortion statutes ". Whisner - It is unconstitutional for a Board of Education to use or refer to the word "God" in any of its official writings. Sioux Falls School District - It is unconstitutional for a kindergarten class to ask whose birthday is celebrated by Christmas.

The removing of the Ten Commandments - The court ruled that if the posted commandments had any effect at all it would induce the children to read or to obey the commandments, as desirable this may be it is not an objective of the establishment clause.

If they were in there since the beginning of our country, why is it now unconstitutional? Helens - May 18, Olympia, Washington, The dormant volcano exploded causing Spirit Lake to run out of it's basin into the hills north.

The evidence strongly supports that Grand Canyon could have been carved out as a result of the Great Flood of Noah as described in the Biblical account of Genesis. President Reagan Shot - Reagan, First president in history to be elected in the year ending in "0" to survive while in office was shot.

The bullet was less than an inch from his heart, but he was able to recover. Jaffree - Alabama law allows the students to pray if they wanted to was considered unconstitutional. Giving priority to ones that believe the least or nothing out ways all consideration. Douglas School District - It is unconstitutional for a school graduation ceremony to contain an opening or closing prayer. ACLU - It is unconstitutional for a nativity scene to be displayed on public property unless surrounded by sufficient secular displays to prevent it from appearing religious.

Madigan - It is unconstitutional for a classroom library to contain books which deal with Christianity, or for a teacher to be seen with a personal copy of the Bible at school. City of Rolling Meadows - In a city seal composed of numerous symbols representing various aspects of the community industry, commerce, history, flora, schools, etc. Did the courts realize that Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin considered and recommended to congress that the Seal of the United States show biblical scenes?

Chambers - Because a prosecuting attorney mentioned seven words from the Bible in the courtroom—a statement which lasted less than five seconds—a jury sentence was overturned for a man convicted of brutally clubbing a year-old woman to death.

The court ruled in favor of the removal of prayer. Justice Kennedy who was the swing vote wrote the opinion. From this case, Kennedy formulated what is now known as the coercion test: Which is used in future cases against religion, but violates the free exercise rule of the first amendment. In the same city that brought religious freedom is now removing it. Bloomingdale Public Schools - Artwork may not be displayed in schools if it depicts something religious—even if that artwork is considered an historical classic.

Joint School District - When a student addresses an assembly of his peers, he effectively becomes a government representative; it is therefore unconstitutional for that student to engage in prayer. District Judge Samuel B. Kent, a judge for the Southern District of Texas decreed that any student uttering the word "Jesus" would be arrested and incarcerated for six months.

He vowed his earnestness in his official order. His ruling stated, among other things," And make no mistake, the court is going to have a United States Marshall at the graduation. If any student offends this court, that student will be summarily arrested, and will face up to six months incarceration in the Galveston County Jail for contempt of court. Anyone who thinks I am kidding about this order better think again. Anyone who violates these orders is going to wish that he or she had died as a child.

Doe - A school district in Texas between Houston and Galveston , allowed students to read Christian prayers at graduation ceremonies and over the public address system at home football games. These prayers were read by an elected student chaplain. Two sets of current or former students and their respective mothers—one Mormon , the other Catholic —objected to this practice and filed a suit on the basis of a violation of the Establishment Clause.

Kent of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas allowed the plaintiffs to remain anonymous to protect them from harassment. They are referred to as the Does. The court voted in favor of making student-initiated prayer at football games a violat ion of the Establishment Clause On August 28, , Kent was indicted on three federal counts of abusive sexual contact and attempted aggravated sexual abuse, stemming from the same alleged conduct that was the basis for the misconduct complaint.

He is the first federal judge to be charged with federal sex crimes. Hashmel Turner, A city councilman in Fredericksburg, Va. This was brought about because one person at one of the meetings was offended. The ACLU has threatened to bring law suit. Are we adding or taking away?

The Qualifications of a Pastor Arminianism vs. Calvinism Creation Science How old is our universe? The Gap Theory Were the days of creation 24 hours? The Hidden Holocaust Clothing: Does it really matter? Public Enemy 1 How many children? The blind woman who could see Law Abington School District vs. Scopes Trial Torcaso vs. The founders of Harvard believed that "all knowledge without Christ was vain. Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee, and we beg Thy blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers and our country.

The court ruled against the prayer. Dissenting Judge Potter Stewart argued that the majority's background narratives regarding England, the Book of Common Prayer , and the separation of church and state are irrelevant since England had then and has now an established religion. He said nobody is trying to establish a state church, as England had done; rather, the real issue is whether they will prohibit those who want to begin their day at school with prayer from doing so.

Moreover, he argued that phrases like "the wall of separation" are nowhere in the Constitution and Black used them uncritically. Justice Scalia's dissent argued against the coercion test: As its instrument of destruction, the bulldozer of its social engineering, the Court invents a boundless, and boundlessly manipulable, test of psychological coercion Santa Fe Independent School District vs. The court voted in favor of making student-initiated prayer at football games a violat ion of the Establishment Clause.

Read our tract " Dinosaurs and the Bible ". God announces to Noah his plans to destroy the earth with the flood. Time of the Great Flood.

For more more info The Flood of Noah. Birth of Peleg name meaning division during this time the division of the tower of Babel took place. Time of the building of the Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Egypt - T he name of Egypt comes from the same name as Mizriam which was the son of Ham, who migrated to that area.

Hsia Dynasty first known dynasty according to Chinese legend. Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah - T hese cities have been located on the southern end of the Dead Sea. Death of Shem, who was the last recorded of those that lived before the flood. Earliest of Chinese writing known as ideograms. Read The Influence of the Bible. Time of the seven years of Famine.

The Shang Dynasty -First documented Chinese dynasty. Minoan civilization found on the island of Crete. Time of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt. Exile of Moses in Egypt. Time of the Exodus. For further information read The Exodus Story.

The Children of Israel in the wilderness. Time of the Conquest of Canaan by Joshua - During this time period Joshua prays for the son and moon to stand still. Time of the reign of King Tutankhamen. Time of the Judges of Israel. Time of the 19th Dynasty of Egypt. Time of the reign of Raameses II.

Time of Israel being enslaved by king Jabin of Canaan. The Chinese Chou dynasty. Time of the judge Samson. Time of the rule of King Saul of Israel. Time of the rule of King David of Israel. Mayan civilization begins in South America. Time of the rule King Solomon. Time of the Division of Israel into two nations. Nineveh hit by a plague.

Time of Solar eclipse which was recorded in Nineveh and Jerusalem on June Nineveh struck with another plague. Time period in which Jonah preached at Nineveh which caused a major revival. The Besiegement of Jerusalem under King Hezekiah. Reign of Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. Hanging gardens of Babylon Second wonder of the ancient world. Siege of Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar. Israel's 70 year Babylonian Captivity begins.

Time of Buddha of India. Time of Confucius of China. Completion of Zerubbabel's temple in Jerusalem. Rome declared a republic. Esther becomes queen of Persia. The construction of the Parthenon. Death of Socrates by poisoning. Life of Alexander the Great.

Alexander becomes king of Macedonia. Library of Alexandria established. The Colossus of Rhodes. The lighthouse of Pharos in Alexandria, Egypt. Great earthquake of Rhodes. Time of the building of the great wall of china.

The writing of the Rosetta Stone. Beginning of the Maccabean revolt. The origin of Hanukkah. Reign of Cleopatra VII. Reign of Julius Caesar. Assassination of Julius Caesar. Death of Antipater, died as a result of being poisoned by a rival. Reign of Herod the Great, king of Judah. Massacre of infant boys 2 and under by Herod in Bethlehem and surrounding villages.

Time of reign of Pontius Pilate, Governor of Judea. Jesus is crucified in Jerusalem, then on the 3rd day rises from the dead, and is seen by over eyewitnesses. Stephen is stoned outside of Jerusalem, Saul of tarsus witnessed it. The Time of Ignatius. James the son of Zebedee is killed by Herod Agrippa in Jerusalem. Phillip is stoned in Heirapolis, Phrygia. The Reign of Emperor Nero. James the lesser, stoned and clubbed to death in Jerusalem.

Barnabus is burned at Salamanca on Cypress. Time of the Magdalen Papyrus, oldest new testament manuscript containing part of Matt. Romans Destroy Jerusalem under the command of General Titus. The time of Polycarp, who was a disciple of the apostle John and also a friend of Ignatius. The city of Pompeii was destroyed by the eruption of Mt.

The time of Emperor Domitian. The apostle John writes the book of Revelation while exiled on the island of Patmos. John, the last of the original 12 disciples to dies in Ephesus. The birth of the Waldensian church. Time of Irenaeus, who was a pupil of Polycarp, fought against heresies of his day.

Time of Antoninus Puis, This was the fourth major wave of persecution against the early church. Time of Clement of Alexandria. Time of Quintus Tertullian. Time of Marcus Aurelius. Time of Origen - A ppointed as head of the catechetical school of Alexandria, Egypt.

Time of Emperor Septimius Severus - This is the fifth major wave of persecution against the early church. Time of Cyprian- F irst recorded church father after the apostles to quote the Trinitarian verse I John 5: Quintus Tertullian in his defense against heretics reminded them of the original autographs of the New Testament that were still in in existence. Time of Emperor Maximimus Thrax - T his was the sixth major wave of persecution against the early church.

Time of Emperor Decius - T his was the seventh major wave of persecution against the early church. Certificates of Death - During this time certificates of sacrifice were demanded of all Christians. Time of Arius of Alexandria who taught the doctrine of Arianism which taught that Jesus was not God in the flesh. Time Of Emperor Valerian-This was the eighth major wave of persecution against the early church. Time of Eusebius of Caesarea, who was the first historian of the Christian church. Reign of Emperor Diocletian - D uring his reign came great persecution upon the church.

Diocletian said about the persecution "If these bibles are not destroyed, they might become buried seed that would spring forth to influence others".

Constantine becomes emperor of Rome - He gave complete freedom to the Christians by the Edict of Milan. Time of the Byzantine period. Edict of Toleration Milan Constantine granted freedom to all religions in the empire. Council of Nicea - The first of many church councils was convened to deal with a heresy called Arianism.

Prayers for the dead and the sign of the cross were instituted. Time of Chrysostom of Antioch - Served as archbishop of Constantinople. Time of active use of Codex B Vaticanus. Time of Augustine - T he bishop of Hippo, Africa, for 35 years.

Rome is divided into two parts, Eastern and Western. Barbarians attack Rome - F irst time an invader had entered Rome in years.

The date of Codex Alexandrinus. Council of Chalcedon - This council declared that Christ is both man and God.