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Giving firefighters a fighting chance. LNG, or liquified natural gas, is natural gas that has been cooled to a point that it is a cryogenic liquid. This makes it very convenient and users can drive long distances without worrying about availability of natural gas as long as gasoline is available. CNG buses are beginning to be used in the UK, e.


We are the manufacturers and providers of CNG Equipment and CNG Fuel Systems for the Natural Gas Industry, CNG Station Builder, CNG Gas Stations and Operators serving Indianapolis, CNG Fleet Houston and Mexico.

Please see the picture above that will help you to identify what you have installed. Not sure which relay you … [Read more When Ren changed the material of their sediment bowl from metal to plastic, the screen and gaskets used for the old metal bowls did not work properly with the new plastic bowls. The … [Read more December 4, P. Box Pittsburgh, PA Julie Good is a Pittsburgh based photographer. More cost effective than diesel NOx reduction.

Fuel cost savings over 15 years. Natural gas school buses on the road today. Natural gas transit buses on the road today. Major airports use natural gas shuttles. Total shipping energy use by will be LNG estimated. Miles heavy-haul service range. Fuel cost savings over diesel.

This governmental plan was implemented to reduce the effect of sanctions on Iran and make the nation's domestic market less dependent on imported gasoline. Also by , Iranian manufacturers had the capacity to build 1. Thailand has for over a 15 years run autogas taxi cabs in Bangkok, [97] though autos and buses had erroneously labelled NGV stickers on them, when in fact, were LPG fuelled. In view of a generous supply of natural gas but relying on imported oil, the Thailand government heavily promoted alternative fuels like LPG, natural gas and ethanol to replace gasoline beginning around , yet NGV was very slow to take off due to cheaper LPG fuel, a pre-existing LPG fleet, and very low conversion cost of local LPG conversion shops as compared to factory installed CNG or conversion.

A significant effort was taken when the state-controlled oil company PTT PCL built a network of natural gas refueling stations. As price of oil climbed rapidly, it was estimated more than 40, new cars and trucks powered by natural-gas were purchased in six months in , including many buses.

Operators of used vehicles have balked at the massive conversion cost up to quadruple that of LPG in Thailand , especially given Thailand's strong ultra-competitive domestic LPG conversion industry, as well as retail CNG fuel cost one and a half times. CNG vehicles are more likely to be bought factory installed while LPG is likely to be an aftermarket conversion. LNG vehicles in Thailand are almost non-existent except for lorries.

In Malaysia , the use of compressed natural gas was originally introduced for taxicabs and airport limousines during the lates, when new taxis were launched with NGV engines while taxicab operators were encouraged to send in existing taxis for full engine conversions, reducing their costs of operation.

The practice of using CNG remained largely confined to taxicabs predominantly in the Klang Valley and Penang due to a lack of interest. No incentives were offered for those besides taxicab owners to use CNG engines, while government subsidies on petrol and diesel made conventional road vehicles cheaper to use in the eyes of the consumers. Petronas , Malaysia's state-owned oil company, also monopolises the provision of CNG to road users.

At the same time, another 50 was expected by the end of There were about CNG-fueled vehicles in Singapore in mid, of which about are taxis operated by Smart Automobile. By February , the number has risen CNG vehicles, of which about half are taxis.

CNG is almost unheard of as a transport fuel before in the archipelago except in Jakarta , where a very relatively minor number of vehicles, most notably Transjakarta buses, use the fuel. However, since there has been a government emphasis to push usage of CNG not only for vehicle fuel, but also for domestic consumption over wood burning which can produce deadly methanol and kerosene.

China had , NGV's and refueling stations as of For the purpose of improving air quality in the metropolitan area of Seoul , CNG buses were first introduced in July, By , all Seoul buses were operating on CNG.

A new category of motorcar racing unites teams which compete with cars powered by natural gas, to demonstrate the effectiveness of natural gas as an alternative fuel. On 28 October , after having raced in 7 European countries, collecting 3 wins, 2 second places and additional points, the team won the FIA Alternative Energies Drivers and Constructors world titles. For the first time ever, a car powered by methane won an FIA world title.

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