Meaning of "Silberbronze" in the German dictionary

Limit posts to one every 24 hours. Do they get a refund? Whenever I see someone preface their comment with something to the effect of "I know I'm going to be downvoted for this. Sieben Jagdhunde an silbernen Ketten, immer zwei durch eine Goldkugel getrennt. People would either boycott or militia the offending entity out of town.


He agreed, and I ran through a few typical scenarios, summarized in the table below. More extreme use cases e. The Silverstone PS07B looks nice enough, but getting all of the wires connected can be a bit difficult at times.

The SSD location on the bottom in particular is a bit of a pain, and the power supply location at the top has some silliness to go with it. I'm not sure that I've ever seen a PSU with a fan smaller than mm where you have ventilation through the bottom, but whatever.

I ignored the instructions and installed the power supply in the most sensible manner for the case, but my advice is to look at some of the other good mATX cases. Apologies to my friend for his taste in cases…. If you want a larger case, there are tons of options to sort through, depending on what you're after. The iK still strikes a nice balance between price and performance, and with a bit of overclocking you can stretch its legs a bit further. If you have any recommendations or complaints with the build, sound off in the comments.

Most home file servers needs are best served by a NAS, which you're not going to be building yourself. When I hear "server" I generally assume it's a proper headless game, web, or services server that requires colocation and constant uptime.

So a typical server uses far less power than a gaming system. There's only like 2 on the market. In terms of energy consumption and the effect the PSU has on your utility bills, it makes only a minimal difference but for a rather small section of the market, efficiency is important.

More heat means a greater cooling requirement and thus, more noise. Quality is what really matters with PSU more so than any other component which is why you should do your research before making a purchase and read reviews from reputable sources, that uses proper testing methodology and can actually back up their assertions with hard data unlike your average user review on newegg or amazon. Doesn't mean that the CS series is bad. Its actually a very solid line of PSUs overall.

Seasonic is just known for their quality. If you have a low end gaming system then everything is fine. If you run sli and a overclocked i5 then Well it wont blow up but Its not the best of the best.

It's not a beastly gaming rig or anything. Always get at least a bronze because that means it is at least the bare minimum for quality but to actually get a good idea of how good a PSU is go look at professional reviews like ones from Jonny Guru. Modular power supplies really are the way to go. Especially when you've got to fit the cables into one of thinner cases these days.

The actual efficiency is a very minor cost benefit. The reduction in necessary cooling fannage can help if you want a particularly quiet system. What is useful is that someone actually tests the power supply. El-cheapo power supplies usually have optimistic wildly exaggerated outright fraudulent ratings.

If you are running servers, yes. For your standard rig, you won't feel the difference in efficiency levels. That's not necessarily true. If you have a hot room, getting a more efficient powersupply will help with keeping the heat down, since you'll have fewer watts lost to heat conversion.

Since the higher rated ones are more efficient doesnt it mean they will generate less heat under higher load and help keep the system cooler? That would be the main benefit IMO. Obviously not everyone is going to agree, but I would rather use less energy even if it costs me more, because to me my footprint is a cost regardless of if I am the one to pay it or not. I also buy carbon credits when I fly. That's like buying someone a drink to offset punching someone else in the face.

He even used the word commence. I wouldn't say he almost did it. I would say he gets off on telling people his views and hopes it causes trouble. Whenever I see someone preface their comment with something to the effect of "I know I'm going to be downvoted for this.

I haven't driven more than a few days in the last few years because I've lived in places with viable public transit systems. Do any of the major car rental agencies have carbon credit schemes? The greener option would be to buy a used PSU rather than a more efficient new one. The environmental cost of manufacturing a new unit is far greater than what's required to generate the differences in power consumption we're talking about.

Then again I wouldn't trust any 2nd hand PSU. It might blow up my rig and make it necessary to buy all parts again In a true free market the most efficient way could be easily calculated simply by prices.

Right now we simply don't know Have you never heard of externalities? Hard to tell if something is environmentally efficient? Fucking up property rights? Efficiency being measured by price? Like jamvanderloeff said, externalities are a thing and these business that didn't spend money on reducing their environmental impact would then be able to sell cheaper PSUs so the better priced ones would be WORSE environmentally. You are not only polluting your land when you have a factory with smokestacks.

You are polluting other land - therefore violating property right of others. Just look at china with whole cities where you can hardly breathe. Its also called the "not in my backyard effect". So when somebody will want to build some suburb or closed community he will pay a lot of attention to other people living next to that place and they would create mutual contracts saying something along the lines that if I will sell this property It will be under some conditions and other owner can't build xxx there.

Polluting something someone uses for their livelihood is a violation of the NAP. People would either boycott or militia the offending entity out of town. And what about sleazy landlords who don't care and rent out homes next to factories?

Or companies with enough money to pay off the people building homes or the landlords? And someone producing vast amounts on CO2 out in an industrial area far away from people's livelihood may not be affecting them immediately but they are contributing massively to global warming, how would that be solved? Through boycott wouldn't work as people tend to but whatever is cheap no matter what human rights are violated see Nestle for example and a militia is a violent answer that would lead to loss of life.

If all it takes is a militia then you could use that as a pretence for driving people out of town for other reasons too. Well this is actually what everyone wants